In the name of Self care.

 Self Care is doing what we need to do to get to the state of equilibrium where we can maintain, manage, and stay afloat without sinking. The power of self-care lies within but what has it become? Outsourced and materialistic. The latest trend or even probably if you google you might get aromatherapy, spa treatments, girls nights, getting your hair fixed or nails done and doing things that make you feel good, that's healthy and really good but in proportion. Like giving in to the desire of having a chocolate cake once in a while is good but not all the time.  Because, What it can really turn into.... Is giving into our nafs or desires. Something like feeding our nafs and caring for only my desire. Taking care of your needs and desires once in a while is good but regularly doing this is not healthy. It might just be emotionally blocking me in dealing with what needs to be dealt with and bypassing work that I need to do. And these emotional and spiritual bypasses do you more harm tha

The power of REFLECTION

Have you ever heard of the word audit? which most companies and NGO's go through...   Why do they do so? Have you ever thought of auditing yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and actions,  something like self-audit. U mar ibn al-Khattab radiyallahu ‘anhu said in one of his most powerful statements: “Bring yourself to account before you are taken to account (on the Day of Judgement),” and, “Weigh your deeds before your deeds are weighed.” (“Hasibu anfusakum qabla antuhasabu, wazinu anfusakum qabla antuzanu.”) Ever wondered what was Rasullulah SAWS doing in the cave of Hira? What did Ibrahim AS do when he was in search of true guidance and to know his true Lord. I presume it's far more powerful than we have imagined - probably it was REFLECTION and MEDIATION. The power of meditation and the benefits of mediation we know it all but off lately I have been hearing the term reflection quite frequently and also practicing it too and I was just wondering what was it doing to me. That

I hear thunder ⛈

*Welcome to the season of duas!!!* How??? We concluded that rainfall is the time when duas are accepted and we are blessed to be staying in a country where we have a whole season MONSOON🌦 dedicated to it so let's make loads and loads of dua. The prophet saws said There are two which will not be rejected. Dua at the time of the call( to prayer) and when it is raining. - Abu Dawood. FORGOTTEN SUNNAH : Letting a part of it fall on you.🌂 🤲DUA TO RECITE WHEN IT RAINS: Allahumma sayiban nafian. Oh Allah may it be a beneficial rain cloud. ENJOY THE RAIN....IT'S SUNNAH!!🌧 "Kapde toh ultimately sukh jayenge" #G.I.R.L #teenclub #thehappymommyplace 

when I say IQRA

The first word to be revealed was IQRA - Read!! 💬How many of us are in the habit of reading these days? 💬Like good manners do we fuss about inculcating reading habits? 💬Ever wondered what was so special in Adam ( as) that Allah wanted everyone to bow down before him. Yes!! *KNOWLEDGE!!* Because that was the first things given to him. The word knowledge is mentioned *161 times in 152 verses in the Quran* The commandment for us to Read is essentially a call for us 🌟 to seek knowledge  🌟expand our understanding. 🌟analyse God's creation and 🌟 think and reflect on the universe and our existence. #quranclub  #thehappymommyplace 

Family Halaqa

After speaking to children on the story of Ibrahim (AS) and the 10days of Dhul Hijjah I sit and ponder that At the core of Hajj is the story of family. And, it’s worth thinking about. ⁣ ⁣ A father, wife, and son… Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ismail, and Lady Hajra… who were so successful that every Muslim is now required to follow in their footsteps at least once throughout their lifetime.⁣ ⁣ 🙏🏽 This is a family that put Allah at the center of their lives, and were prepared to sacrifice their everything to earn His pleasure.⁣ ⁣ ♥️ They supported one another to successfully fight against the influence of Shaytan.⁣ ⁣ 🌟 They prayed for wholeheartedly for their family. And, they ran across mountains to achieve these dreams. ⁣ ⁣ INVITING YOU TO OUR LATEST PROGRAM: *FAMILY HALAQA* ⁣to understand  - How can we better support our spouse in fighting Shaytan? ⁣ ⁣ - How can we better raise children who long for Allah’s pleasure? ⁣ ⁣ - How can we ensure that Allah is placed at the center of our liv

What is Self Care?

Off lately i've been hearing a lot about SELF -CARE and I think the pandemic gave us a lot of realisations and opportunity to indulge into the importance of Self - Care. But what exactly is SELF CARE? In the words of Robin Sharma The single best way to amplify self-love is to take better care of yourself. Often, we are our greatest abusers. And when we increase the caring of our selves, we begin to sense the secret glory that rests at our base. And come to know all that we truly are. You can grow in your self-care by: ...resting when you’re tired and enjoying life when it’s time. ...eating foods that nourish your spirit and upgrade your health. ...appreciating yourself for how far you’ve come and the person you now are versus always feeling like there’s more to do. ...not comparing your path and progress to anyone else’s. Because you’re precisely where you need to be. ...setting clear boundaries so no one ever disrespects you. Ever again. yourself permission to re-engage

How big is you sacrifice?

Shireen was left speechless when little Anaya asked her mom, "Will you also sacrifice me, if need be?" Indeed any parent would be. What I am am left wondering with is, WILL WE? Sacrifice my own flesh and blood. Oh the blessed Prophet, how great was your love. Blessings and Salutation to the prophet and thank you Anaya for bringing this beautiful thought. Now according to me, their are 2 aspects to the story: First ourselves, as individuals How great is our desire to gain the pleasure of Allah? What is stopping us from saying , "yes I will"? The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind" Sahih Bukhari Second Aspect to this story is: (Selfishly) lucky are we to not have to sacrifice our own children, like physically, but are we even ready to sacrifice their nafs and desires and happiness for the sake of Allah, to gain the pleasure of Allah. Before you answer let me leave you with some thoug